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Instructions for installation and maintenance

Dear customer, thank you for buying “New Jingtai”brand bamboo flooring. To provide beeter service for you usage and protect you rights, please conform to the following instructions strictly when installing and maintaining the floor. We should not bear the responsibility caused by any operations that disobey the following rules.

1.       Fixing-tyle installation

1.1         Lay a waterproof film on dry and flat ground,before fix dry keels(HXW>3cm?cm) on ground with expanding nail to form the basis frame. the distance between the keels should be less than 24 cm and a gap of 5mm-8mm between keel and wall is requested, moretar is prohibited when fixing keels.

1.2         After installing the frame which must be flat , clean ,dry and sturdy enough to support nails ,nail bamboo flooring boards onto the frame at a 45 or 50 degree angle.

1.3         If conditions allowed, for sound proof and solid purpose, you can also add 1 12mm thickness plywood on the keels and the area of each boar can exceed 1square meter, before lay bamboo boards on it .But a 6-8mm gap is necessary between plywood boards.

1.4         Leave a gap of 8-10mm between wall and flooring boards in case of heated expansion and dried shrinking.

2.       Floating-style installation( for soundproof flooring)

2.1         Lay damp proof mat on dry and flat ground before lay bamboo flooring boards.

2.2         Then directly lay bamboo boards on the damp proof mat with double-faced adhesive tap for flooring. Glue tongue and groove with non-water borne glue.

2.3         Leave a gap of 10mm between wall and flooring boards in case of heated expansion and dired shrinking . 2.4 As the ground is highly required in flat and drying when you choose floating installation, PLS. choose it seriously. The floating installation without basis frame is only used for soundproof and quakeproof flooring.

3.       Installation notes

3.1         Make sure that the ground is flat and dry before installation.

3.2         The keels for the basis frame must be dry and sturdy enough.

3.3         No water borne glue allowed in installation in case of dampness and distortion.

3.4         Prevent water of washing room, kitchen and balcony from soaking the flooring area.

3.5         Serious operation is needed in damp season in case of distortion.

3.6         The cutting section of flooring boards should be coated with damp proof lacquer in caw of being damp.

3.7         The flooring boards must be balanced at least 24 hours before installation in order to adapt to indoor climate; the period of balance will be different according to temperature and humidity.

3.8         Undo 4-5 cartons of flooring boards and scatter the boards of chromatic aberration when installation.

3.9         The bamboo floor can be used after 24 hours when finishing installation.

4.       Maintenance notes

4.1         Use a vacuum cleaner and a dry mop to clean the floor.

4.2         Wipe off when water splashes on the bamboo floor.

4.3         No heavy and sharp things are allowed to directly touch the  bamboo floor.

4.4         Use flooring wax to coat the surface of bamboo floor periodically and the area where has been scratched. Keep ven tilating in the room and let fresh air in.

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